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Can you produce the safes according the dimension we demand ?

Sorry, all of our safes are single-time molded case ,so we need make a new mould if the dimension you need is different from the current one .Under this situation ,the cost will be very expensive.

Do you make pedestals on which the safe can sit to get it off the floor?

Yes, we currently can offer two kind of pedestals.One is triangle pedestal,another is Cylindrical pedestal .Any height is available.

what is the minimum order and expected lead time?

In general, we only can accept the order no less than 150 pcs as your first order .The lead time is about 20 days on the basis of 500 pcs .

Is sample available ?How can we get it ?

We will be pleased to offer you our sample safes for your evaluation ,but you need to pay the Freight charge and sample fee .After we receive your remittance ,we will send to you our sample by express such as DHL, TNT,etc.

Are your safes available in blue or other colors ?

No problem.At present, several standard colors such as Ivory, black,metal silver are available .Certainly we also can produce safes with other colors according to your demand .

Can you produce safes with our logo and develop some special functions for us ?

Sure, we actually have been offering OEM service for more than 30 brands,some of them are very famous in US and EU market.We certainly also can develop some special functions for you .

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