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DongYingJiLi Electronics is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in research, design, production and sales of electronic safes. With over ten years of industry experience, our company, which was originated from the New Times Electronic Engineering Institute of Ningbo University, has become a leader in this field.

Innovative technology and patented products have secured our position as the industry leader. Robust R&D capability and strict quality control and testing systems have enabled our products in high qualify.

Our company is young, vigorous and innovative, with highly educated professionals working in a "small team" environment. Focus is on developing and updating the product structure and variety, improving the human interface, and constant improvement of product stability and management functions. Reliable technical development, people-oriented application of technology and sublime molding design are integrated seamlessly in our products.

Saga Electronic Co., Ltd. is a holding company of DongYingJiLi, mainly engaged in the fabricating, sales and after-sales service of electronic safes, via direct selling of our own brand products or via ODM and OEM.

Our company has established solid cooperative links with dozens of distributors and manufacturers throughout the world. We realize the importance of developing relationships with distributors as well as protection of their interests (in the technology as well as the commercial sense).

We will focus on expanding and servicing our distribution network as a means to sustainable growth. Our experience in specialization in the past years has proven that concentration sharpens the competitive edge, and that the more specialized we are, the better we can perform.


ADDRESS: Ningbo Hi-Tech Park,Zhejiang Province,China 315040
FAX:+86-574-87909600 Tel:+86-574-87909608
Email:sales@in-roomsafe.com   sales@electronic-safe.com
Alternative Email: yangyahui@vip.sina.cosm
Contact Person:Nick Yang